Levitt pavilions are much more than music venues. They are destinations where people of all ages and walks of life come together to discover new worlds—and each other—through music. We transform underused or abandoned public spaces into vibrant third places where neighbors, friends and families gather to experience the joy of live music. Ours is a movement to strengthen communities across America through the power of free, live music. But we cannot do it alone. With your support, existing Levitt venues will continue to thrive in their communities and we can bring the Levitt program to more people in cities across the nation. Together, we can rebuild American community life one city, and one concert, at a time.

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A smart investment

Your support of Levitt Pavilions today will make a transformative and enduring impact in cities across America. Here's why:

At the core of the Levitt program are public/private partnerships that leverage public resources, reduce expenses and maximize efficiencies. In addition, the national Levitt organization provides streamlined support to the network of pavilions, offering cost-saving resources and ensuring efficient operations.

The Levitt program requires three dedicated partners—the City, the local Friends of Levitt nonprofit and the national Levitt organization—each committed to the long-term success of the local Levitt program. The investment of these three partners creates a solid foundation and instills confidence that the Levitt program is long-lasting, inspring the community's ongoing support of their Levitt Pavilion.

Each local Friends of Levitt nonprofit benefits from being part of a national network, one that provides shared resources, funding opportunities and a community of peers to exchange knowledge and ideas. This national support system, combined with Levitt's reputation for excellence, allows each local Levitt to make a greater impact in their community.